York Properties in Hiawatha, Iowa - Venetian blind damaged in shipping, need replacement.

Hiawatha, Iowa
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I own York Properties, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I needed a replacement blind for the living room window at an apartment. I have replaced most blinds at Menards since 1980. It took three weeks to get the blind, which must be special ordered.

The blind arrived damaged, apparently in shipment, since the package showed indications of being hit or dropped, bending the end (approx. one foot) at an angle. Upon removing the blind, the damage was apparent. The last foot of the top of the blind, (metal part) had been bent in two places.

Normally I would have returned the blind immediately to the store, but since the tenant had kept the window covered with a blanket for three weeks, I felt a solution was necessary. I managed to straighten the bent metal part by hand, and managed to make it temporarily operable.

I then went to the store, after about an hour trying to find someone to wait on me, I finally got some help. They said the only to get it replaced was to bring the damaged blind to the store. This would have required my tenant to cover the window with a blanket for another three weeks. This was unsat, and I left the store.

I feel that the replacement blind should be ordered immediately, with the damaged blind being brought to the store within 48 hours of receipt of the new one.

I have been a customer of Menards, for blinds, an a just about anything one can imagine for maintaining apartments. If I am not treated fairly for this problem, I will not be a customer anymore.

Please advise what store #3020 plans to do.


Bobby R. York

Monetary Loss: $123.

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